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Selected Publications

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Marble Surface

The hypothalamus coordinates diverse escape strategies from threat.
Neuron 109(11):1763-1765 (2021).

A Novel Pavlovian Fear Conditioning Paradigm to Study Freezing and Flight Behavior. Journal of Visual Experiments 5;167 (2021).

Sex Differences in Behavioral Responses during a Conditioned Flight Paradigm. Behavioural Brain Research 389, 112623 (2020).

New perspectives on central amygdala function. 
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 49: 141-147 (2018).

Distinct hippocampal output pathways mediate dissociable roles of context in associative memory retrieval. Cell 167(4): 961-972 (2016).

Midbrain circuits for defensive behavior.

Nature 534(7606): 206-12 (2016).

Neuronal circuits for fear and anxiety.

Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16(6): 317-31 (2015).

Activation of dopamine neurons is critical for aversive conditioning and prevention of generalized anxiety. Nature Neuroscience 14(5): 620-6 (2011).

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